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I want an episode of Supernatural where some teenagers are walking through an abandoned factory and suddenly one of then starts walking like a dinosaur and the other kids are like ‘wtf are you doing steve’ and he’s like ‘I saw this post on Tumblr saying if you feel like you’re in the first five minutes of a ghost show then you should walk like a dinosaur, because no one would do that on the show.’ and as soon as he finishes a ghost beheads him.

So, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle…


He considered himself to be a Spiritualist, and believed in the supernatural.

On his gravestone, it is written that he was a, “man of letters”.

Supernatural fans, I think we all know what this means.


  • misha: *gets naked and turns his sex hair up to 11*
  • misha: *talks about his dick*
  • misha: this is for charity
  • unfollovving:

    If you’re gonna keep being cute then you’ll have to kiss me, I’m sorry I don’t make the rules


Favorite photos of Jensen and Misha 15/25 (x)